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The all-time classic, vegetarian cookbook/health manual emphasizing God’s Original Diet for humankind, as found in Genesis 1 :29. First published in 1968 by authors Rosalie Hurd, BS. and Frank J Hurd, DC, MD.

Never outdated, still in demand, this award-winning pictorial edition is now celebrating 50 years! The principles of nutrition and practical approach to health take you back to the Garden of Eden and a wholesome diet of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, that include vegetarian/ vegan recipes simply prepared from nature’s storehouse of whole plant-based foods, using whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables, that taste as good as they look.

More than a recipe book, Ten Talents is packed with information and illustrations that speak well of our Heavenly Father’s bountiful provision in satisfying our nutritional needs. Highly recommended for every homemaker, the novice or experienced cook. The perfect gift for sharing super good food, a healthy lifestyle, natures simple remedies, a message of hope, or use as a guide for teaching cooking /health classes.

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