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We first launched TARGET AMERICA on Dec 26, 2020 at our local church, Stateline Seventh-day Adventist Church, Milton Freewater, OR. We teamed up with Project Steps to Christ in Fort Covington, New York, and before the end of April, 2021 we had raised the first $40,000 goal enabling us to send 100,000 GC MAILERS to select zip codes in Portland, OR.


So the second mailing of 100,000 mailers was accomplished on October 28, 2021


Our THIRD goal of $25,000 is well underway with $1687 already in hand. This is where you come in. May God our Heavenly Father guide you as you consider what you will give to help rescue some lost and dying soul for the Kingdom of God. $25,000

You can be a participant in helping to raise the RED on this new thermometer. In fact, the first donation of $2000.00 or more will receive a choice of either a FREE case of the HINER SET or a 12 volume set of ILLUSTRATED BIBLE JOURNEY. See the Hiner set HERE and see Illustrated Bible Journey HERE

The Hiner set consists of 50 each of the DVD of Walter Veith’s conversion from Evolutionist to Creationist and the Jim Hiner book about the car he could not wear out. He drove it over 1 Million miles before selling it to a collector. Use for sharing. The case value is $130.00. Yours FREE with a gift of $2000 or more.